Jul 04, 2019

Liebe Alumni,

Will Grice ist ein ehemaliger Austauschstudent der EBS Universität, der sich mit einer Bitte an uns gewandt hat. Wir hoffen sehr, dass Ihr ihm Eure Unterstützung anbieten könnt. Gerne möchten wir Euch sein Anliegen direkt im Folgenden weiterleiten: 

I am looking for work in Germany in the commercial real estate investment industry from mid August 2019.

My visa allows me to work for up to 6 months for one company and allows me to live and work in Germany for up to a year. I am currently working as an assistant fund manager, responsible for two Australian superannuation (pension) funds real estate portfolios. For one of my clients I manage a AUD1.5b direct real estate portfolio of office and retail assets with active developments and commitments totaling a further AUD1.5b. For my other key client, I manage a AUD900m fund of funds portfolio with investments in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia across various asset classes. 


I am now looking to gain international experience by travelling to Germany where I hope to find work that will continue to develop my career. Ideally, I am seeking work in funds/asset management in a predominantly English speaking role when I first arrive, but would like to transition to a German speaking role as my language skills improve. I have completed level A2.3 at the Goethe-Institut here in Australia and plan to continue classes as soon as I arrive in Germany. I am very open to what experience I may be able to gain, and am also very flexible with where in Germany I will live.


Should you like to discuss any possibilities with me, please reach out via email so we may organise a time to discuss further. 





Sein CV findet Ihr in der Anlage. 


Meldet Euch gerne bei Fragen ( 


Euer EBS Alumni Team 

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